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Who We Are
The main objective of Deccan Chamber of Commerce Industries & Agriculture Pune, DCCIA Pune (Formerly Knows as Nagar Road Industrial Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture) is the promotion of greater cooperation between member industries & to bring them on a common platform. The intention is to address not only the many concerns already present in the Pune’ s Industrial area, but also to involve the region's numerous smaller enterprises and suppliers. This calls for the creation of a network strongly committed to the transfer of technology.
What We Do
Situated in the geographic heart of Maharashtra, Deccan Chamber of Commerce Industries & Agriculture Pune (DCCIA Pune) specifically encourages the notion of Indian unity. A close collaboration between companies, research institutions, institutions promoting economic growth, trade associations and financial service providers as well as with people living in the area forms the basis of the economic prosperity of industries in this region. This allows for the region covered by DCCIA to be competitive with other centers in India and further afield.
Any individual, firm, institution, association or a company formed and registered under any of the companies law in force in India at the time of its registration and is interested directly or indirectly in trade, commerce, industry, agriculture or agricultural business shall be eligible for admission as a Member, provided that such individual, firm, institution, association is either domiciled in India or has a place of business in India.
Services Rendered
  • Platform to Portray Concerns/Problem & Issue
  • Business Networking
  • Chambers Help Desk
  • Advisory Services
  • Visa Recommendation
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Updates from Foreign Chamber Of Commerce
  • International Business Promotion
  • Training Programs
Events and Training
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Bijal Kotadia
General Manager
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Moses Gaikwad
Sr. Manager - Business Development
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